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As soon as we are born a guardian angel is assigned to our lives to enhance us with their loving support. Each Angel is unique like ourselves and carry with them their own special qualities. The word “angel” comes from the Greek word Angelos, meaning messenger, ffrom the creator and mankind. They have their own name in which you can call to evoke them into your life.  Each Guardian Angel has an archangel assigned to them to assist them with wisdom in which it is relayed to us in our daily lives.

Your Guardian Portrait will include a unique of your Angel.

The price of your Guardian Angel portrait is £40 which includes P&P in the UK.

You may pay with PayPal, Postal Orders or Cheque's.

For more information please contact Corrine at email :  

All I need is your name or the person you are buying it for name in full.

(Including middle names), then I can tune into your Guardian Angel for you.

Maybe you work like to give this unique portrait as a gift to someone. I have done personal angels for wedding presents, birthdays and for the birth of a baby.

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No body is without one - everyone is protected by a guide

throughout their lives.

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Generally, there are three constant guides who are with each of us - a new guide is brought into our lives when we take a different path, beginning a new phase such as starting a new college course, for example. Spirit Guides are highly evolved beings that have chosen to guide us along our path with their love and wisdom. If we wish to become aware of them, they can make themselves known to us through touch, sense, visions or even dreams - we can choose how we experience them. You may already have a sense of awareness of your guides - perhaps you are drawn to Some form of healing, or have become interested in Angels. These are signs from your guides.

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